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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{ Photoshop & Lightroom Magic } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ Magic }

I'm a sucker for Lightroom and Photoshop magic and have been having fun trying new techniques with my work! I love doing basic edits in Lightroom and more detailed edits in Photoshop.

Editing magic can take a photo from average to wow:

Photoshop magic is really just a series of layers and adjusting them and individual parts of your photo one step at a time.

I realized after joining Pinterest that I'm very drawn to Fall colors:

and warmth:

and I really wanted to start bringing a lot of that warmth into my photos. That is why I chose to change the leaf colors behind the little girl to a golden color instead of green and why her skin tone has a slight sepia to it.

Each photographer interprets a photo that suites his or her own style and this golden tone happens to be mine.

What is your editing style?

Do you like warm and rich?

Light and airy?

Vintage-y and textured?

Colorful and fun?

Contrasted and black and white?

I'd love for you to share! :)


  1. I don't like to mess with them if I don't have to... Just like to bring out the people, generally a rich or colorful and fun

  2. Oh....I'm a little addicted to editing.... ; ) Heh heh

  3. I love the warmth you added to this, but I do think my favorite is vintage right now, for some reason !!! Just gotta figure out how to do it......

  4. Oooh, I love vintage too!!! : )!! Have you tried actions by Florabella? You still have to adjust the different layers, but she's got some pretty solid vintage actions for Photoshop. You can also add a vintage tone by adjusting the invididual color channels in Curves and then adding a graident map and adjusting the blend mode. ; )

  5. I love how much a photo that seemed unusable is suddenly one that could be the main photo in an album or on a wall! I like to give my customers several options and so I usually include a few edits of what I like along with just some basic as true to color photos too. I don't do this with all photos just a few of them to tempt them into more edits. :) Great Job Alicia!

  6. I agree Haven Rock! : )!!! I love seeing and pulling the beauty out of something that looks like it's no longer useable and making it into something they love. : ) Thanks for visiting my blog, Haven Rock : )

  7. Any chance you can send me an invite to Pinterest? I am on the waitlist but since seeing your pins I love it and would like to do it too! Love your choices. :)