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Sunday, August 21, 2011

{ Petite Déjeuner } -- Mesa, AZ Food and Product Photographer

{ Petit Déjeuner....Breakfast! }

I wanted to share a tasty little breakfast food I love to prepare on occassion. My family and friends affectionately nickname me "DC" when I step inside the kitchen because I'm not exactly talented in the kitchen.....I did not inherit my Mom's amazing cooking skills. Uh...kind of the opposite. That's why they call me "DC."

For those of you who are curious, "DC" stands for "Domestically Challenged."



Chef, I am not.


Here is the redemption!

I may not be able to whip up a casserole, but I can sure make fun little meals like this that don't require measuring or knowing how to fold eggs or knowing how to decipher other kitchen-ese jargon.

This is truly easy enough a child could make it. It's also easy enough that I can make it. Yay me! ; )

1. First, cut a croissant down the middle, but leave 1 side attached so it's hinged like a little book.
2. Put a little mayo on the inside and sprinkle lightly with garlic.
3. Put a piece or two of Provalone cheese inside.
4. Wash basil and put that in there too.
5. Wash some grapes and include those too....makes it somehow look healthier, lol.


See? I can make something...

It's actually really tasty too!

I really should enroll in some HomeEc classes though, huh?

Until then, I'll affectionately keep my title of "DC."

I guess it could also stand for "Doesn't Cook."

{ Grin }

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