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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Online Photoshop Classes / Phoenix, AZ Photographer / Editing

Online Photoshop Tutorial Classes Have Finally Arrived!

Have you been wanting to take your phtography to the next level?
Now is your chance!

I have been asked by several photographers, when am I going to start offering online Photoshop tutorial classes? Look no further, the time is here! : )

I will be offering several classes at different skill levels, so check and see which one sounds most like you and shoot me an email to book a class :

The cost per class is $150.00

Class sizes will be limited to 25 participants per class, so you'll want to reserve your spot before they book up. Once classes are filled, no more participants will be accepted.

Instructions for how to access the class will be emailed out to participants 2 weeks before the class takes place.

Payments for classes will be accepted only via Paypal.

Participants must have Photoshop CS3, CS4 or CS5.
Sorry, but I do not offer Elements classes just yet.

I can't wait to teach you the magic of Photoshop!! See you there!


Beginning Level  / Brand New to Photoshop

This class is designed for those of you who are
brand new to Photoshop and want to learn the basics.

Saturday / May 26th, 2012
Skills Taught:
-Understanding the histogram
-Working in layers
-How to make a new document
-Saving your work
-Different file types
-Rotating photos
-Adjusting, changing and balancing color
-Adjusting light/dark
-Eraser tools
-Sharpening images
-Blend modes

Intermediate Level / Enhance It!

This class is designed for those of you who want to
learn how to take your picture and enhance it and take it from okay to WOW!

This class is usually the most popular, so it's being offered
twice--when you register, make sure to specify which class date you'd like:

Saturday / June 9th, 2012
Skills Taught:
-How to "pop" colors from your picture
-How to change a wall's color
-Whiten teeth
-Brighten eyes
-Contour skin
-Soften wrinkles
-Remove blemishes
-Targeted adjustments
-Liquify/Warp tools
-Change eye/hair color
-Remove stray hair
-Faux tan
-Digital makeup
-Thinking like an artist

Intermediate Level / Scrapbook Guru

This class is designed for those of you who want to
learn how to digitially scrapbook your images and how to make cards for your clients.

Saturday / July 14th, 2012

Skills Taught:
-Making digital cards
-Creating storyboards
-Making photo collages
-Digital scrapbooking
-Making albums
-Adding textures to photos
-Adding materials
-Creating your own textures
-Extracting graphics and modifying them for your digital art
-Using existing shapes in Photoshop to create new ones

Advanced Level / You're a Pro!

This class is designed for those of you who want to
learn how to digitially alter challenging photos. This class is more labor intensive and is
designed for advanced Photoshop users only.
Saturday / August 11th, 2012

Skills Taught:
-Photo restoration
-Head swapping
-Creating your own actions in Photoshop
-How to remove chipped nail polish
-Removing a photo's background and dropping in a new one


Some of my favorite Befores and Afters:

{Will be taught in Level 4 Class--Advanced Level / You're a Pro!}
Removing current background for a new one.

{Will be taught in Level 2 Class-- Intermediate Level / Enhance It!}
Lightening and brightening photos + targeted adjustments

{Will be taught in Level 2 Class-- Intermediate Level / Enhance It!}
Lightening and brightening photos + making eyes pop

{Will be taught in Level 2 Class-- Intermediate Level / Enhance It!}
Changing the color of walls

{Will be taught in Level 1 Class-- Beginning Level / Brand New to Photoshop!}
Lightening and brightening photos + making adjusting color

{Will be taught in Level 3 Class-- Intermediate Level / Scrapbook Guru!}
Making client cards

{Will be taught in Level 3 Class-- Intermediate Level / Scrapbook Guru!}
Making client cards

{Will be taught in Level 3 Class-- Intermediate Level / Scrapbook Guru!}
Digital scrapbooking

{Will be taught in Level 4 Class-- Advanced Level / You're a Pro!}
Photo Restoration

{Will be taught in Level 4 Class-- Advanced Level / You're a Pro!}
Photo Restoration

{Will be taught in Level 2 Class-- Intermediate Level / Enhance It!}
Popping color




No purchase is necessary to be entered into the contest giveaway.

Simply help me get the word out by sharing this online Photoshop classes blog post with others on Facebook and make sure that you let me know by linking my Beba Photography Facebook page in your post when you share it with others. To tag my page, you must manually type in the "@" symbol and BebaPhotography {no spaces} on your Facebook page:


Email me if you need help with this. : )
My Facebook page can be found at:

2 winners will randomly be selected on the last day of May and July and contacted via email. Winners names will be posted on my Facebook page.

Private online Photoshop sessions are NOT a part of the Photoshop tutorial classes that I am offering here on this blog. The classes posted here are group classes. Winners of the giveaway will receive a separate 1 hour private online session at no cost.

Happy Photoshopping!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{ What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? } -- Phoenix, AZ Photographer

When we were little kids, we often acted out how we saw the world. Some of us carried around baby dolls. Others dressed as firefighters or carried a soccer ball everywhere. Even as children, you see something in them that gives a little secret peek into the future.

The kid that was always goofing off in class might become a comedian.
The one that was always there when another kid got hurt might be a doctor or a nurse.
The bossy one might be a manager now.
{ Haha, just kidding -- managers aren't bossy, but they are great leaders }
The one always reading might now be an author.
The one that always played with her big Barbie styling head { remember those?! } might now be a makeup artist.
The other that was always there with a hug and a comforting word might now be a counselor.

There are shadows of what we do as adults in what we did as children.

When I was a kid, there were 3 things that I really loved to play:

-Make believe

With Barbies, I was always fascinated with her dresses and beautiful furniture....okay, maybe a little obsessed! I wanted her pretty princess dresses and somehow my Barbie ended up being a damsel in distress a lot of the times that I played.

I also liked to play make believe. I could "see" the scenes around me as I acted out my roles.

I also opened my own "store" at school. During summer day care, I would grab milk crates from the kitchen area and stack them so that they looked like a store counter and shelving. I'd bring my toys and arrange everything to look like a store, "hired" a store associate to help me and kids would bring fake money to me to "buy" my things { really just "rent" them for the day to play with }.

I didn't see it then, but I was a little entrepreneur in the making! ; )

Fast forward to today as a photographer. I stumbled across an old box of papers from when I was younger and the same message was repeated through a lot of what I wrote or drew:


{ Haha, don't laugh at me--this was my version of a Princess in 2nd grade. The other kids thought I'd drawn a dog. Those big "ears" was actually a veil }.

I came across one little folder that was a class project in 2nd grade. It was titled, "If I were a Christmas Present....." We were supposed to answer what we'd be for Christmas if we could be any present.

I'm not surprised by my answer.

I wrote:

"If I could be a present for Christmas, I would be a princess.....I would be a princess present for Christmas."

It's no wonder that my heart is soaring as I'm working on putting together ideas and details for Beba Couture--stylized princess shoots. It's a PART of me. It's who I've been. Who I am.

These last few days, I've been reflecting on my past and now see all these little parts of my life working together to see this dream build and come together. Is it any wonder that I worked at Disneyland? I don't believe that was a coincidence. When I became a Christian, I was instantly drawn to the idea that I was now the daughter of the King of Kings. A lot of my ancestry on both my Mom and Dad's sides also has royalty weaved throughout it--and include fascinating stories of several great-greats grandparents who were kings and queens, princes and princesses, dutchesses and dukes. I always wanted princess everything growing up. All my life I have surrounded myself with the message of being a princess. For years, my friends used to call me "Princess Alicia" because I was that into the princess thing. It's near and dear to my heart. It strikes a chord with me.

It makes the most sense to pour one of my dearest loves { being a princess } into one of my biggest passions { photography }. I really want what I do to resonate with a lot of girls and women. I want each one to see themselves as special and unique and beautiful. I want them to see themselves as....

....a Princess.

I could "see" that vision in my life when I was a little girl and now it's finally coming to fruition with Beba Couture and what I'm doing as a photographer. There are so many negative messages being sent to girls and women these days and I want to take this message that they are special and unique and share it with them.

When Beba Couture launches, it will be a unique experience that involves more than just pretty pictures--it is designed to speak deeply to the heart of a girl and a woman so that she will never forget her experience of being a princess for a day....and she will never forget that she is indeed, a princess for life.

Are you ready to fill your special role?