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Thursday, March 31, 2011

{ Clear Call Solutions } -- Gilbert, AZ / Marketing

Gilbert, AZ

There is a rapidly growing company here in Gilbert, Arizona, called Clear Call Solutions.

Clear Call Solutions is a sales and marketing company specializing in customer acquisition for Fortune 500 companies including ADT Security and DISH Network.

That's fancy talk for saying that Clear Call Solutions is incredibly skilled in acquiring new customers and keeping them. They excel in what they do and it's evident in the results that their company is at the top of their game.

Mike Melton, President of the company, has a passion for sales and marketing and loves to see his employees grow within the organization. He is wise and knows and understands the nature of the business with all its ins and outs. You aren't left wondering if the company might do well, because you know that it will! Mike is a first-rate leader and also a very genuine person. 

Mike works to bring excellence to the company. He does not work alone though. His success is shared with the employees of Clear Call.

He works alongside a phenomenal business team who strives just as hard as he does to consistently bring excellence to the table and together as a team, everyone has brought the company to the good place it is at right now. They are a team.

Friendly and energized.

The moment you walk through the doors, there is a positive energy stirring among the workers there.

Smiles abound and friendliness is shared among co-workers. Pleasant attitudes are exchanged with their customers over the phones.

Clear Call Solutions has achieved a top 3% production status with the brands that they represent.
They place all of their advertising nationwide and take all of the inbound calls here in Arizona.

A local company.

A good company.

A very good company.

Committed, dedicated and good and what they do...

...they receive positive recognition multiple times for a good reason.

They're good at what they do!

Clear Call Solutions has been in business since 2001 and they have doubled in growth year over year for the past 3 years. When I first visited Clear Call Solutions several years ago, they were just starting out and had their office in a single portion of the business complex where they conduct their business. They now cover a majority of nearly the entire business complex!

I wouldn't be surprised if they continued to grow and become so wildly popular that they eventually take over the entire complex with Clear Call Solutions offices.

This is just the beginning of many more successes for an already successful company!

Learn more about Clear Call Solutions and the services they provide:


425 W. Guadalupe Road, Ste. 116
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Address has been updated to:
2150 E. Germann Road, Ste. #1
Chandler, AZ  85286


Sunday, March 20, 2011

{ Photoshop Tutorials }

{ Photoshop Tutoring }

I will bring my laptop to a local Starbucks and teach you the ins and outs of Photoshop.

Drink is on me. ; )

Maricopa & Pinal counties in Arizona only.

Contact me if you're interested:


Saturday, March 12, 2011

{ Newborn Session -- AZ Photographer }

{ Newborn Photo Session -- AZ Photographer }

Today I fell in love with a beautiful newborn baby named Eli.
I can't wait to do more newborn photo shoots!

The photo shoot didn't start off well. He woke up from napping and was a little camera shy. I don't think he liked the clickety-click of my camera because he started crying.

We tried moving him around in the bean bag I'd brought to position him, but that wasn't working, so I had Mommy scoop him up in her arms with the blanket prop I'd brought and swaddle and cuddle him that way instead.

{ It worked. }

Soon he had fallen fast asleep in his Mommy's arms and was dreaming.

I brought some wooden letters to include in the picture with him.

"E" is for Eli.

I think that Eli is a perfect name for him because it's a part of the word "Delightful" and that's exactly what he is.

A delight.

A treasure.

A joy.

Babies are so precious and this little guy is no exception.

Babies have a way of capturing our hearts and making us melt from the inside out.
You want to protect and cherish and nurture them.
They have a way of making you love them and want to care for them.

Even dogs know how special these little people are. Their dog, Tino, was ultra protective of Eli and wanted to know everything that was going on with the photo shoot. He wanted to make sure that he was guarding his little brother. Thankfully, I soon made friends with Tino (lots of puppy licks) and he approved of the photo shoot....while still keeping a watchful eye on his little friend. 

Whether at rest or in tears, Mommies seem to instinctively know how to care for their little ones. It's something that seems to be inborn and written on a woman's heart.

Children have a way of bringing beauty into our lives. They bring out the very best in people: Self-sacrificing love. Looking out for the best in someone else. Putting ourselves aside to care for someone that cannot care for him or herself. Laying ourselves down to build this little miracle up into something strong and wise.

"Children are a heritage from the Lord...."

{ Psalm 127:3 }

...and such a joy for those who know them.