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Monday, June 6, 2011

{ Victoriana -- A Lost Era } -- AZ Child Photographer

{ Victoriana }

I have always loved Victorian times. I love the beauty surrounding the period and loved the clothing of the time even more. Call me an old fashioned soul, but I even love the way that women worked hard and hand-touched everything they cleaned, cooked or mended. I found this picture of a little girl I recently photographed and something about it screamed out "Victorian!" to me.

I love making pictures into works of art. Here is the original and the "artistified" {Um, is that even a  real word?! } version of it:


  1. The difference between the two is shocking! She is just a doll... literally looks like a doll

  2. Rachel: Thank you! That is what I was going for--like a little Victorian doll. I guess mission accomplished! ; ) Thank you for visiting my blog.