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Monday, June 6, 2011

{ Connie & Boomer } -- AZ Photographer -- Pet Photography

{ Connie & Boomer }

I'm sitting here writing this blog with Roscoe { our 75 pound pound puppy } tucked underneath my computer chair at my feet. Sure, he's trying to gnaw on the chair wheel, but I'm still a total sucker for dogs. I'm a total pet parent. I would pour myself out for Roscoe. I love dogs. When I left for California a couple of weeks ago, I was good all weekend. Roscoe stayed in Doggie Daycare while we were away and usually, I'm a mess. I hate leaving him. I mean, won't he think I abandoned him?

That weekend, I was a good pet parent though. I didn't even call him on the "Bone Phone" and talk to him { yes, seriously, they have that for pet parents to talk to their pets while they're away! }

I had a shoot a couple weeks ago and have to say that my heart was melted by two other very loveable old dogs, Connie & Boomer.  Taking pictures of Connie and Boomer sure made me homesick for Roscoe!

Boomer and Connie's pet parents wanted pictures of their babies, but whoah. Both are senior dogs and GINORMOUS. I'll admit, I was a little nervous when I saw them at first. Roscoe is 75 pounds and huge to me...and these dogs were triple his size.

{ Gulp. }

I was supposed to photograph these dogs? They were the size of tanks! Aren't big dogs also scary dogs? Don't they have big scary teeth? I was nervous at first, but Boomer came over with wagging tail and in an instant, he wanted to be petted.

He was so happy to have his picture taken and even seemed to be laughing at one point.

Connie is a rescue dog and was a little more shy. She held back at first, peeking at me from around the corner and not sure about having a human in her pet area. But after awhile, she came over to me and put her heavy chin on my leg and nudged me with her nose. After that, she didn't want to leave my side. Her face never really changed expression, but those eyes....oh, those eyes....they said so much. She melted me with those big brown sad puppy-dog eyes of hers.

I was surprised that Connie happily sat for pictures with me. Her pet parent said that she usually runs away and doesn't like to have her picture taken. But both she and Boomer sat wagging their tails and getting excited when I told them, "Come on guys! I'm going to take your picture! Sit pretty for me!"

They obliged. Phew.

Maybe I have some sort of dog whispering skills I didn't know about. NAH. They're just good dogs.

I know that I'm TOTALLY being biased here, but I think that everyone should have a dog if they can.

They love you unconditionally, get excited to see you when you come home and will be loyal to you like no other. How can you not love that? : )


  1. Too cute... they look so playful

  2. Awww............. such a sweet post. Dogs truly are (wo)man's best friend :-) I just finished reading an amazing book, 'Until Tuesday' A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him. Service dogs for war veterans.

  3. BTW- love the picture of Boomer with the ball in his mouth :-D

  4. Rachel: They are gentle giants and super sweet. : ) Boomer was the more playful of the two. Connie likes to sit and observe things. She's more shy.

    Gina: How is that book? It sounds heartwarming. : )

  5. Beba- I finished the book. It was actually very insightful, [from the author's point of view.] Being a veteran of the Iraq war, he shared quite a bit from his personal life. He goes on to explain how much his service dog, Tuesday helps him reintegrate into the civilian world.

  6. It sounds like a tear jerker :*) Have you read Marley and Me yet? I haven't, but I heard that it's a tear-tugger too. I'll have to see about checking out the book you mentioned. Thanks!