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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{ January 25, 2011 -- 25/365 } -- What I'm Reading

{ January 25th, 2011 }


I can almost never sit through reading just one book. I've always got at least two going at one time, reading little bits of each one here and there.

I'm currently reading John C. Maxwell's, "Make Today Count--The Secret of Your Success Is Determined By Your Daily Agenda" and Donna Partow's, "Making Money From Home--How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business."

One of my favorite sections from Maxwell's book says:

"The greatest handicap a person has is not realizing his potential. What dreams do you have that are just waiting to be fulfilled? What gifts and talents are insdie you that are dying to be drawn out and developed? The gap between your vision and your present reality can only be filled through a commitment to maximize your potential."

One of my favorites from Partow's book says:

"The level of success you can hope to achieve is proportional to the amount of risk you are willing to handle."

Both books have dog-eared pages and are full of highlighting and notes written down in the margins. One has potential ideas scribbled at the front as they come to mind.

Are there any favorite books that YOU have that you'd like to share?

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