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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{ January 26th, 2011 -- 26/365 } -- No, I'm Not a Bootlegger

{ January 26th, 2011 }


I almost got myself in trouble today. No, this is NOT a bottle of hooch--it's not even alcohol! It's a bottle of Vanilla coffee syrup that I got from Starbuck's this weekend.

But you couldn't convince that people I passed at work today! When I carried the bottle in, people asked, "Whiskey? At work?"

Leaving for the day, I got stares like I was a crazy person and "Alcohol? At work?"


I think that Starbucks might need to change their bottle design or else I might get myself into trouble, Ha!

I actually thought twice and hid it underneath my purse while I was driving this morning, "just in case" a cop happened to see it and mistook it for an open bottle of alcohol too.

I promise I'm not a bootlegger. ; )


  1. hahaha funny...
    but ive never seen that drink before...
    looks nice though :)

  2. You would love it Laura! : ) They have bunches to choose from, they taste aweome and they're only a little more than $8 after tax. Soooo worth it! : )