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Saturday, January 1, 2011

{ 365 Photo Project -- Day 1/365} -- A Picture a Day Keeps A Photographer Very Happy!

Challenged by my dear friend, Beth of Lizzie Bee Photography

I'm taking the 365 Photo Project challenge!

The project involves taking 1 picture everyday and capturing your life in a year's worth of pictures. Of course, I'm a little superfulous with my picture taking, so there may be more than 1 picture per day (tucked ever-so-neatly into a photo collage).... ; )

I am taking time to recover from a recent car wreck that happened just before Christmas, so I won't be able to go crazy with my photography like I normally do for awhile, but am still excited about being able to capture all those little moments that fills my days.
Thanks for the challenge and idea Beth!
So, here's day #1 of my 365:
{ January 1st, 2011 }

First day of the New Year! : ) I love how amazingly fresh the slate feels on each New Year's day! It has a way of feeling like the year ahead is full of possibilities and hope.

Last year, one of my challenges to myself was to get started with my photography and I wrote a list down of all the things I'd like to accomplish in 2010. I look back now and am shocked that I was able to accomplish so much within a year.

Things that I thought weren't possible.

I'm a believe that change CAN happen!

So, this year is about LIVING. I want to live life abundantly. I want to accomplish those things I've been talking about and not actually doing.

One of those things is becoming more organized with my paperwork. I have a ginormous stack of magazines in a large Tupperware container under my desk.


I've been tossing all of my magazines in there and discovered that I even have some magazines from back in the 90's!!!! : P

My goal today has been to go through all my magazines and collect ideas (ideas for decorating, ideas for photography, ideas for design, etc.) and to toss and purge the rest. I've got about two bags almost totally filled and a few neat little stacks of articles and pictures that inspire me.

{ Day 1 of 365: Organize....and I'm doing it. }

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