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Friday, December 24, 2010

Roscoe's First Christmas -- Arizona Pet Photographer

This year was Roscoe's 1st Christmas ever.

And boy, he sure was curious with all of the hustle and bustle going on around him!
The first thing he just had to check out was the Christmas tree--what dog can resist?

What started off as looking,
soon became sniffing,
which became licking,
which became tasting
some of those delicious
Christmas tree branches.

Oh Roscoe.

Roscoe's got a long history of begging antics and Christmas Eve was no exception! We had these hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in dough (sound gross and yeah, it's unhealthy, but they are so good!) and of course he went wild. He was on a mission to get some of those stuffed dogs.

He started off by trying the stare tactic.

When that didn't work, he got up and tried the pleading, "please-give-me-a-bite" puppy dog eyes.

(I'm telling you, this dog's a pro!)

When all else fails, he always pulls out his, "I'll do a trick for you!" manuever.

Which of course, it did.

He's got a couple of suckers.

Roscoe got to open his first Christmas presents this year.
Last night he got some toys....

.......which he destroyed within the hour......

Oh Roscoe.

He's been making "snow" for us almost every morning.

He's been chewing his stuffed toys open and leaving his version of "snow" all over the house and backyard. I think he's bored and needs walked. Either that or he's a Christmas dog and is getting into the spirit of decorating. ; )

He couldn't wait to rip into his presents tonight.

With a flurry of paper, he had his toy in, mouth and off he went! He went straight to the door to take his newfound treasure outside to start the work of dismantling it and tearing it apart.

He came back in the house a happy dog.


Until we decided to play dress up and pretend that Roscoe was a reindeer.

He sat looking pretty, but he did not like those antlers.

At all.

Off they came in about 2 seconds!

By the end of the night, he was pooped and crashed in the light of the Christmas tree and his looming dog crate. I'm sure he was dreaming of sugarplums, Santa, Christmas trees, chasing cats, eating the reindeer's food, playing ball with ornaments, fetching candy canes and wishing everyday were Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Roscoe survived his first Christmas and I hope that you enjoy yours as much as he did!


  1. Merry Christmas Roscoe! That is so sweet Beba. Love the way you have a picture storybook to tell the dog 'tail' ;-) He's one very happy and spoiled dog!

  2. Haha, if THAT is not the understatement of the year! He IS spoiled--spoiled like rotton milk. ; ) Thank you for commenting, Gina : )