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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why I Celebrate and Love Christmas { 2010 }

People celebrate at this time of year for many different reasons and each reason is special.

I love that we can each celebrate something special and have a reason to smile during this time of the year, whether it be Christmas, Hannukah, Kwaanza, etc.

The joy of sharing with others, spending time with family and friends, the smell of yummy goodies cooking in the kitchen, the birth of hope for a good year ahead and goodwill shared between people during this time of year is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face! : )

My family and I have a very special reason for celebrating during this time of year too. 

We choose to celebrate at this time of year to honor the birth of Jesus and the love that God poured out on the world through Him.

We celebrate Christmas because we believe in the love expressed by a Father who's heart passion is to fellowship with His creation.

My family and I love to celebrate by decorating a Christmas tree, sharing gifts, baking a yummy meal and spending time with one another. This year, we'll also be going to a special Christmas church service. It's important for us to spend time with each other and to remember what God did for us.

My favorite song this year is, "Bethlehem Dawn" by Christian artist, Todd Agnew. It left me in tears the other day because it was such a powerful reminder of how very much I am loved by my Savior, even though I am so undeserving of receiving it. Yet, He continues to pour it out on me.

As I wrap gifts, I find myself feeling excitement on the inside, wondering if the recipient's face is going to shine alight with joy for what they are receiving.

And that thought makes me stop and ponder....

...I'll bet that's how God felt when He gave His Son as a gift to the world.
How His heart must have been thrilled to share His very best and most thought-over present, wrapped up with the bows and ribbons of love.

It's a thought that makes me stop for a few minutes admist all the flurry of wrapping gifts and hustle and bustle of the last few days before Christmas...and makes me....


Thankful for everlasting and unconditional love.

Thankful for the reason why I celebrate this time of year.

Thankful for all of the blessings that have been poured out into my life.

In the simplicity and quiet of the season, I see a star shining in the sky and it's shining for you and for me. It's lighting the way to the best Christmas present ever.

And His name is Jesus.

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours! : )

To read more about why my family and I celebrate the way we do you can check out the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus at:

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