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Sunday, January 2, 2011

{ 365 Photo Project -- Day 2/356 }

{ January 2nd, 2011 }

Today I ventured out to go back to church. I hadn't been in a few weeks, it was bugging me and I was missing it like crazy. So, I did something about it and went! : ) And I'm so glad that I did! My pastor (Pastor Mark) taught an awesome sermon about stepping out to take a risk this year with the dream/vision/purpose that God's put in your heart and to trust that He'll work in and through you to see it happen. His challenge was to have the courage to step out this year in faith to accomplish the things that God is calling you to do.

Some of my favorite notes from the sermon are:

*"2011 is a blank slate and you have the chance to fill it in the way you want and chose to."

*"Ask God to show up. Why not?"

*"Take a step of faith, a risk, in those areas you can't see."

*"Live life, don't just maintain it."

*"Dream so big it would take God to fulfill it."

*"God can do something greater in my than I can even believe for myself."

*Pastor Mark's prayer: "Lord, I want to risk and believe You for more. I choose to believe even if I don't see it. MAKE THIS YEAR COUNT."


Personally, I feel like God has called me to instill and invest VALUE back into people who may have lost sight in themselves or who need to realize it in a stronger way.

That is what this year will be about with my photography, what I'm trusting God to do. I want people to see how very valuable they are through what I do. This is my wish, my dream, my prayer and even though it's a task I can't do on my own, I am praying that God would work in and through me for this task.

It's the risk that Pastor Mark was talking about and the step of courage that I'll be taking. A daunting task until I see it in the light of the One who has already instilled value in each of us. : )


  1. Thanks for sharing your Pastor's comments. Very inspiring. I did Project 365 last year for the first time. Loved it so much that I'm doing it again.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog MannHome : ) I'm glad that my Pastor's words inspired you. He's an amazing person and I'm learning so much, not only from his teaching, but from the example that he sets with his life by living out his faith in love. I would love to see your 365! : ) Please share it with me and I'll follow it!