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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{ Quick Beba Photo Tip: Making Photos Colorful } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ Quick Beba Photo Tip : Making Photos Colorful }

Making photos colorful is a really quick way to make photos look appealing. To adjust overall colors, you can use curves and/or hue and saturation adjustments in Photoshop. To fine-tune adjust only certain colors, use those same tools (in addition to levels, color balance and channel mixer) to isolate specific colors { isolate the separate color channels--you can find them on the drop down menu in each tool } and adjust them from there.

In this demonstration, however, I used Lightroom 3, another tool that will allow you to accomplish the same thing. I used my hue/saturation sliders and increased the clarity and sharpness of the image. Then I used my adjustment brush to isolate certain areas and bring specific pops of color into my picture.

A simple, quick enhancement that really makes a BIG difference.

Happy Photoshopping and Lightrooming!

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