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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{ Beba Quote } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ Have Faith Eyes to See and Believe }

"Just because a bud is not fully grown, does not mean that it's not a flower....and just because a photographer is new at what he/she does, does not mean that there's not a professional tucked inside. Watering, nurturing and fertalizing will make a bud grow into a flower and practice, encouragement and tenacity will grow a hobbyist into a professional. You have to see a person for his or her potential and commit to digging the beauty out of it. Dreams come true for those who have faith eyes to believe that a seed can one day become a tree." --Beba


  1. Thanks for the boast in confidence to those of us who are new or at least semi new (only been trying my hand at it full on for a year)

  2. I don't know how I missed these comments--thanks you guys! : ) I'm glad that it encouraged you both!

    Rachel, that is awesome--do you have your photos that you've taken online? I'd love to see! : )