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Thursday, June 9, 2011

{ My Big Fat Greek....Oh Wait... My Big Fat Armenian Ankle } -- AZ Photographer

{ My Big Fat......}

This is what a very fat, swollen ankle looks like.

Torn peroneal tendon.

{ Again } 

Last time I tore it, the doctor wanted surgery, but then God healed me.

 I'm praying for His healing.

{ Again }

I gotta say...right now my ankles and feet look like Laurel & Hardy or a number "10". One's regular sized and the other is big.

Doctor's orders are rest, elevating and icing it. Me? Rest? Does this doctor know me and my personality? Do I ever rest??

{ wink }

 I refused to wear the clunky, chunky "space boot" again. I wore it last time for several months. I convinced him to change his mind and let me wear an Ace bandage instead.

I'm still going to be doing photo shoots { I'm stubborn like least that's what I'm told.... }, but just need to get creative with how I shoot since I won't be able to jump around all crazy like I normally do. Yeah, I do actually jump sometimes....

I'll have to be Beba...just subdued a little bit. ; )

I'm determined to get better!!! I'm putting my foot down on that! { Just more gently than usual }.

Sorry if I gross any of you out. It's not pretty to look at.


  1. AHHH I'm sorry that looks so painful

  2. It's only painful when I touch it. : P The more "painful" part is that I'm supposed to rest for *at least* 6, do you KNOW how busy I am?!! ; ) I'm hoping and praying that it will get better before then!