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Thursday, June 9, 2011

{ Color Popping Brick Walls-- Quick Tips In Lightroom 3 }

{ Color Popping Brick Walls in Lightroom 3 }
Quick Editing Tips

There are a few little quick secrets that help out with "color popping" brick walls in Lightroom 3.

1. Before you recolor an area, make sure you omit the original color by using the "adjustment" brush and setting the saturation all the way down so that you can unsaturate those areas. This will really bring the second layer of color out more intensly than if you don't unsaturate what's there first.

2. When you select your adjustments brush "color" option, make sure that you set the contrast on the color you're using all the way up. This really brings a strong contrast between the color of the brick and the white of the mortar and really gives it that crisp color "pop." You can also set your "clarity" slider all the way up too.

3. Finally, use your "darken" adjustment brush to darken some areas of the brick to make them look a little more grungy and rough. I also added in some additional color for this picture.

Here's the end result:

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