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Sunday, January 2, 2011

{ "Oh Roscoe, You Didn't! Oh No....You DID!" } -- AZ Pet Photographer

I should have known that Roscoe was up to something tonight.

He was being a little too quiet.

Little did I know.....

While I was in my room, he was busy tearing apart his dog bed.

Oh Roscoe.

You didn't.

Oh no. You DID.

The funny thing is that I didn't have to scold him. He knew he did wrong.

I never once raised my voice or anything.

I just kept laughing and said, "Oh Roscoe. You little turd. You little turkey. What did you do?"

I couldn't help but laugh! : D He's such a little goofball and his puppy antics are always cracking me up. He's like an onery little kid.

Our little troublemaker.

He knew that he'd done wrong tonight and he went into a corner to sulk.

I actually had to come talk with him and console him, re-assuring him that I still loved him.

He was harder on himself than I was.

Guilty as charged.....

....but I still totally love him.

How can I not?

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