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Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ January 20th, 2011 -- 20/365 } -- Every Girl Loves a Pair of Cute Shoes

{ January 20th, 2011 }

I am a total girly-girl. { Sorry for all you guys reading this--this is probably going to be reaaally boring--but for all of you girls with a shoe fetish, you'll understand my post and love me for it, ha! }

I'm also a girl that loves a good bargain. I found these adorable black wedges (they're a good 3" tall) with cork bottoms at Payless! They have been carrying American Eagle for awhile now and I love buying their shoes because they last for a long time (at least for Payless shoes).

Right now Payless is having their BOGO special--buy 1 get 1 free and I was in terrible need of new shoes (not just wistful buying, which it often is) and I found these cute springy wedges.

Anyone else like buying shoes too? ; )

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