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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Princess Package & Photo Session


The Princess Package!

Okay, so I found myself having WAY too much fun with Princess Payton's photo shoot and really want to do lots more Fairytale photo shoots! It's in my heart and on my wish list this Christmas!

There is a reason behind that wish. Years ago, I worked in the Entertainment Department at Disneyland and loved seeing the eyes of little girls light up when they got the chance to meet their favorite Princess.

There were other eyes that lit up though too.

{ Mommy's eyes, remembering the days that she felt like a Princess } 

{The eyes of the girl on her boyfriend's arm, wishing that he'd magically become Prince Charming for her } 

{The eyes of the single girl imagining that she was a Princess who was about to be swept away by her Prince }

{ The Grandma who knew that she was as special as a Princess and carried herself with grace and dignity }

So many eyes, so many ages of hearts and still, they all seemed to wish the same thing:

"I want to be a Princess. I want to be beautiful. I want to be part of a fairytale where I'm loved and cherished."

It seems to be a message written on all of our hearts and I believe that it's been written there by our Creator who made us with dignity and beauty and to be loved and cherished forever.

I want all girls everywhere, of every and any age, of every and any size and shape and all walks of life to know just how very special they are and to embrace that THEY are a Princess from the inside, out.

I want to invest value and dignity back into the hearts of girls and women of all ages.

Will you let me be a part of helping you to see yourself as the beauty you are? To start seeing yourself with the value you really have? To start seeing yourself as the Princess you are?

I am booking now for January and would love to be given the chance to!

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