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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The { O } Family -- Family Photo Session -- Scottsdale, Arizona

When my friend asked for me to photograph her and her family for Christmas photos, I knew that I would have a lot of fun, but I didn't know that I'd have THIS much fun! Beth is always making up these crazy quips that always leave me laughing and smiling and this time was no different.
This family is quite the riot act! If you think you're a sad, depressed person, spend some time with them and you'll be finding a silver lining behind every cloud. You cannot hang around this bunch without finding yourself smiling every few minutes.

I should have known it was going to be a day full of laughter and joking when I received an email from Beth telling me that she was (surprise!) going to bring her horse and her dog (which is almost as big as a horse!) along for the photo shoot.

A horse?! Gulp. That was galloping into new territory that I was not familiar with. Kids, yes. Families, yes. But horses with the kids and family? Help me please!

Thankfully, she was totally joking and she only brought along her hubby and 3 adorable (total understatement!) kids.

Beth is a photographer herself and so she understands why I feel so passionate about what I do, because she's in the same boat as I am.

There's something about picking up a camera that makes me feel so.....alive. It's like a magical spell suddenly comes over me and I feel a fire start to burn within my belly. I find myself wanting to capture the unique essence of each person that's on the other side of my lens.

I was so touched by those sweet little moments exchanged between them--those things that make you love the person you're sitting next to. Those things that make those 101 annoying things that your kids just did, disappear in a matter of seconds. Those things that make you want to hold your kids, your spouse, closer to you because you realize just how very special they are. 
There were plenty of sweet moments exchanged between this beautiful bunch.

There was a fair share of crazy moments too.

Beth teased me on Facebook that she *hopes* I still want to be her friend after photo torture with her family.....Of COURSE!

I love these guys!

I often find myself wishing I could spend more time with this awesome family because they're such a joy to be around!

The { O} Family is such a blessing--not only to me, but also to everyone around them! I think they're pretty darn awesome and think that you would think so too if you ever met them!
They've stolen my heart and I think they will steal yours too! : )

Here's to you, { O } Family!

PS:...Doesn't Beth have fabulous fashion sense?! I thought so too! : )

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  1. OH my gosh, the RAWR picture! LOL!! You are AMAZING Alicia - total understatement, but it's 7am so my adjectives are running low. These are SO reflective of our family - nobody else would've been able to just 'get' us (ok, & just DEAL with us!) haha!! Love ya tons - I'm still laughing at these!! Next time, the pony comes.