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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rebekkah of Canyon Moon Designs -- Beba Photography Business Highlight

I got the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at all the hard work and creativity that goes into the beautiful, custom made jewelry that Rebekkah of Canyon Moon Designs creates in her in home workshop.

The first thing I noticed when walking in Rebekkah's home is the sound of little voices and a warmth that you always wish to feel when you walk in someone's home. It was definitely evident there! After getting introduced to her 3 beautiful children and seeing some of her and her family's artwork, we went to the area where she creatively designs custom made jewelry for her customers.

I smile as I look at all of the different pieces she uses to create her jewelry and as I see some of the pieces that she has already created. How on earth does someone put this and that together and come up with something so pretty?

I shake my head in amazement and quickly realize that I better stick to photography, because I'm not able to creative with jewelry like that. ; ) But thank goodness she is! It's fun to watch other people unveil and use the talents that God has blessed them with.

To be following the dream and talents that God has put into your life and then using them to serve and bless others has got to be about one of the most satisfying feelings ever! I could tell that Rebekkah was "in her element" as she got busy creating a piece of jewelry for a special friend of hers.

Such skill and dexterity!

It was amazing to see her work--she was quick and focused, combining efficiency with quality.

I must warn you though, do NOT try this at home!
That soldering gun heats up to 1,000 degrees! Rebekkah told me that it gets VERY hot and that she has the burn marks to prove it!

It was really quite amazing to see the hard metal become pure liquid at the moment the tip of the soldering gun touched it. Wow! That thing sure was HOT!

After soldering the piece, she rubbed it in a cloth to shine it up and put some special liquid in with it to make a slight patina/historical look appear on the metal.

A few more tweaks here and there....

And the project was complete!

Leaving a very happy Rebekkah with a satisfied smile on her face.

Now she had time for the most important treasures in her life--the little ones she is doing this business for. She wants to teach and inspire them to follow their own dreams.

I got a chance to sneek in a little post-blog impromptu photo session with her kids....Thank you Rebekkah! : )

You could definitely tell that Rebekkah loves her kids!

Truly, Rebekkah of Canyon Moon Designs is like having many gifts all wrapped up into one:

1. A loving mother devoted to her kids
2. Talented artist and fantastic designer
3. A wonderful friend and fellow businesswoman

If you would are interested in seeing some of Rebekkah's designs, you can visit her Etsy page at:

You'll be glad that you did! I'm sure glad that I did!
Can't wait to show you some of the special custom made jewelry she makes for Beba Photography!
More to come in the future!

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