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Saturday, October 16, 2010

FREE "Princess For a Day" Giveaway!

Here is a chance to enter your little one into Beba Photography's very first, "Princess For a Day" Giveaway!

Here is a list of the complete details (since sometimes computer screen resolution has a hard time picking up on all the tiny details):

"Once upon a time....there was a magical free photo shoot giveaway that all the girls in the land wanted to be part of. For one special girl was to be chosen to be crowned as Beba Photography's, "Princess For a Day."

The winner of this special title will be given the royal treatment and given a FREE fairytale photo session that includes a 45 minute to 1 hour photo sesion with the Kingdom's magical photographer, Beba herself, a Princess gown* one can only dream of from Beba's special treasure chest to wear for the photo shoot, an online sharing CD-R/DVD-R, a printing CD-R/DVD-R (both with 30-50 images), a $125.00 print credit and a storyboard collage print.

There is no cost to the Princesses entering this giveaway or to their royal Mommies and Daddies. No purchase necessary.

The only thing that Beba requires for a Princess to be entered into this special royal giveaway is for their royal parents to join Beba Photography's Facebook page and encourage their family and friends to join as well.

They (the parents) will send Beba a picture of their Princess and she will post their picture in a "Princess For a Day" folder on Facebook. Friends and family of the Kingdom will be encouraged to click on and "like" their favorite Princess. The winner of the royal giveaway will be the girl with the most "like" votes. A girl can get more "like" votes by encouraging family and friends to join Beba Photography's Facebook page and clicking on their picture.

All entries must be submitted by November 11th, 2010. Voting will open on November 13th, 2010 and ened on November 23rd, 2010.

The winner must be present within Maricopa county in Arizona for this photo shoot if declared the winner. Princess must claim prize by January 31st, 2011.

No purchase is necessary. Giveaway is free.

Girls entering contest must be able to fit a size 4-6X in order to fit the dress. If girl is smaller or larger than 4-6X, parents must provide an alternative outfit for the photo shoot.

Giveaway is open to all girls 3-10. Photo shoot MUST take place within Maricopa County in Arizona if girl is declared the winner and prize MUST be claimed by January 31st, 2011. Prize is non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash or any other monetary form.

Photos on CD-R/DVD-R come with limited usage rights and images on disks cannot be sold, transferred, used for commercial purposes or used in any contest. Photos are for personal use ONLY.

4-6X dress is for photo shoot ONLY. It is not included as a part of giveaway package. Winner will be chosen based on the amount of "like" votes received on Beba Photography's Facebook page. (  In order for a vote to be counted, a person must actually click on the "like" button and not merely type "like" underneat the photo.

Print credit is only redeemable through the Beba Photography website and cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash or any other monetary form.

Please see photographer's website for examples of photographic work and for regular pricing:

Please email the photographer at for any questions. Please make sure to put "Princess For a Day" in subject line in order to cut down on spam mail.

Could the special little girl in your life be the next "Princess For a Day?" : )

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  1. Hey, this sounds awsome!!! I would love to enter my daughter!!! I am going to post this on the Sugarlips facebook!!!
    Erin-Renee Luckett
    from Sugarlips