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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ms. Thomas' Lovely Tea House & Boutique (Mesa, Arizona)

To celebrate my dear friend Monica who is like a sister to me (we have been friends since junior high school) I took her to Ms. Thomas' Tea House & Boutique in Mesa, Arizona...and could not have chosen a more perfect place to celebrate at!

The entire place is decorated like a Victorian parlor and there is fine china used for dishes. From the lace doilies, to carved wood fireplace, to a conversation area decorated with plush Victorian armchairs, this place screams "feminine!" in the loudest voice I have ever heard. For those of you (like me) who have an old-fashioned soul, this place fits like a glove.

Monica and I love visiting tea places and this is by far our favorite, hands down! She was all smiles as we sat down for brunch together.

There were SO many details to look at around the room: pretty chandeliers, tea sets, antique books, hats, dolls and cute little odds and ends like this squirrel.

Our hostess was the best! Friendly service and a smile, she always had the answer to our many questions. The great thing about this teahouse is that the owner has styled it after many of the European tea houses and they don't rush you out of the door. You feel incredibly relaxed as you sip on your tea (or pink lemonade in my case) and eat your courses of food. You don't feel like you have to wolf everything down in order to get in and out for the next customer. Because it's not a chain business, you really feel that top notch one-on-one classic service that places used you have a long time ago...and it's sooo refreshing! I wish more places were like that!

 Knowing that it was Monica's Birthday (from when I made the reservation) they had a special Happy Birthday sign waiting on the table for her!

We loved that they let us wear the big puffy Victorian hats around the tea house! They told us that we could wear any hat except for Ms. Thomas' hat. We both chose really puffy and elaborate ones!

I don't know if it was the fluffiness of the hat or the flowers or what, but all of a sudden I started talking in a British accent. "Would you like some tea?" I felt very posh-posh. ; )

(Note: This is a picture of me that was taken by Monica, so she gets the photo credits for it. I just did the post production work on it)

Monica was feeling quite elegant and pretty in her hat too....but no British accent, just lots more smiles! I love this picture of her. She really got the old fashioned Belle of the Ball thing down.

We chose the Mariann Luncheon Tea which included fresh fruit, a (rather large) crustless quiche (THE BEST EVER!!!!), tea sandwiches, a toffee and chocolate scone that came with sweet cream and lemon curd and lime sorbet. It was amazingly good! Especially that quiche! I don't know what is in it, but it is so moist and tasteful. It was definitely courses of happy in my mouth. : )

I must say though, while the staff was incredibly helpful, cheerful and welcoming....

.......there WAS one fellow that creeped us out a little bit. He's an old man statue that they've affectionately name Earl. I call him Lurch.

Lots of Red Hat Society women are in love with this Butler, but he just wouldn't smile for me, no matter what I did. It was Monica's Birthday and she tried to get him to smile and join in the festivities, but even balloons and special Birthday cupcakes won't make this guy smile.

He must have been a guard at the palace in London in his earlier days. Whatever it is, he kept staring at us while we ate and reminded us with his eyes to keep our posture straight. He may be a statue, but he looked sooo real! I was so convinced that he was "real" that I offhandly asked, (even though I knew the answer was obviously NO), "Is he real?" Try as she could, Monica could not get him to smile. Not even a smirk. Well...maybe a smirk. I thought that I could see it in those eyes of his...., Earl made sure that everyone got great service, which of course we did with such a wonderful establishment! I love all of the details that the owner put into creating this fun and elegant place. You can tell that she put a lot of thought and heart into it and as a customer, you feel that extra special touch with service too.

When you're there, it truly makes you feel like you've stepped back in time and have been transported away to a time when women dressed up to go to the market. When cars were horses and buggies and when it was fashionable to slow down and spend time nourishing relationships with other people.

Ms. Thomas' Lovely Tea House & Boutique is just that: Lovely.

We will definitely be returning....again and again. We loved it that much. : ) What a way to celebrate such a special life! : )

If you want to visit Ms. Thomas' Lovely Tea House & Boutique for yourself, take a peek at their website:

And visit sometime:

6620 E. McKellips Road, Ste. 102-103
Mesa, AZ  85215

PS: As creepy as he is, I think that Lurch (Earl!) might be starting to grow on me.


  1. I love tea houses so much! They make the best tea! You guys are too cute!

  2. You would have loved this tea house April--and we would have loved having you join us! : )

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