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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Library

So, I think that I single-handedly drained Arizona's libraries of all of their books. Well, no, not really. That's an exaggeration, but wow! I was surprised at just how many books I checked out after visiting 3 local libraries. I didn't see the amount I had on hand until I stacked the books in a pile on my desk.

I checked out 27 books in 3 days. What can I say? I love reading! : )! I checked out all sorts of books. Books on business start up, organization, fashion, dog training, dog breeds, healthy living, photo editing, inspiration, etc. Some I chose because they're directly applicable to my life. Others I chose because I'm interested in learning more about the subject.

Perhaps my favorite book though, is one that I return to over and over again for it's incredible motivation and inspiration. It's a book written by John C. Maxwell titled, "Today Matters--12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow's Success." Talk about a good swift kick of motivation in the backside! I love Maxwell's direct/to-the-point encouragement that basically says, "Today Matters! USE IT and USE IT NOW!"

What books do you like to read? Any favorites you'd like to share?


  1. This made me laugh! I swear I have read every book in the Maricopa county library system that pertains to I am starting on the business books as well!

  2.'s gotten worse since the last time I posted this! I think that I have an addiction to books... ; ) I especially love reading business books, French books and Christian books. I also love it when I can find a good vintage fashion book or two and some updated Photoshop books! : ) What do you like to read?

  3. PS: I also like to visit bookstores that have coffee shops in them. They let you settle into big comfy chairs and preview the books before you buy them. : ) Which is awesome--because sometimes I'll be interested in the cover of a book and don't like what the inside is about and other times, I won't be that interested in a book because of it's cover, but the inside is like gold. : ) I guess it's true, "You can never judge a book by its cover." ; )

  4. I love historical fiction the most! I haven't read anything like that lately...just photo and business books lately. Do you have any recommendations for a good business book? I am really trying to get my photog business up and running. What have you been doing since moving to Arizona so get yours up and running here?