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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simpler Times

Did your grandparents ever say, "Well, back in my day...." and then proceed to tell you about "how they used to roll" way back when? Although not perfect, life sure seemed a lot simpler in those times gone by.

How is it that we've gotten so busy? The more conveniences we have, the busier we get, it seems. Do you remember those hot summer days, licking popsicles with your friends as a kid and doing nothing but playing at each other's houses and swimming in the pool or riding bikes? Do you remember feeling like it took "Foreeevvverrr" until Christmas or your Birthday came rolling around? Yet now, at least for me personally, it sometimes seems like life is whipping by me at breakneck speed. It's already the end of July? Christmas is only a little over 4 months away? Where on earth has this year gone?

Although I can't stop time, I can take a moment to be like my grandparents and how I was as a kid and slow down long enough to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that usually escape our notice. I challenge you--take time today, for just a moment to stop and see those beautiful treasures hidden in your life:

Watch a sunset.
Sing in your car.
Take a bubble bath.
Savor each bite of food.
Run in the grass and turn cartwheels if you can.
Smile at the people you pass by.

If only we could stop and remember to enjoy these "little" things, we could have a little bit of those simpler times interwoven into our lives again.

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