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Monday, December 26, 2011

{ New Year, New You -- How To Achieve Your Goals This Year } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ New Year, New You }
How To Achieve Your Goals This Year

In less than a week, we will be in a new year.


Doesn't it seem like it was just turning the millenium with year 2000?

It sure feels that way to me sometimes! It feel like time passes quicker than we can blink.

I've made some good New Year's resolutions in the past that I've been able to keep:

Be more positive.

Open a photography business.

"LIVE" and "BE", not just "DO".

I've also made resolutions that seem to go strong the first week or two and then fizzle into oblivion by the end of January:

Lose weight. { Ha! }

Get more sleep. { Ha! }

Treat myself to a home manicure every week. { Ha! }

Okay, so some things don't totally go as planned. Sometimes we start off with all the motivation in the world....but what is the secret to actually achieving those goals? What makes such a big task possible?

My secret from last year is to:

Write. It. Down.

It sounds simple enough and like it wouldn't really make any difference, but oh, it DOES.

I was able to achieve 75%-80% more last year from my goal list--things I once only dreamed about doing--because I wrote those things down. I typed them into my phone and added to the list throughout the year. It committed me to doing them because I actually SAW them throughout the year.

It challenged me and reminded me that New Year's was coming around again at the end of this year and I didn't want to celebrate another year passed as unfruitful.

What are your goals for this coming year?

When 2012 ends, what will you say you've accomplished that you've always wanted to do?

It seems daunting at first, when you think of it as the "Big Goal." But when you slice and divide that Big Goal into tinier, Smaller Goals....then suddenly it becomes easier to achieve what you'd like to do, because you take it one step at a time.

For example, last year, I knew my "Big Goal" was to get started as a photography business. I had that broken down into smaller goals like:

-Buy business cards
-Open a website
-Get business Trademark
-Get EIN
-Open blog
-Network like a crazy person
-Do (x) amount of shoots per month
-Earn (x) amount of $$$ per month
-Quit full time job { gulp } and move into part time job

Did I achieve every goal?


There are still some that I'm going to aim for again in 2012 such as purchasing new camera gear. But did I get things done that needed to get done to push me closer towards that goal?


And that forward motion is what's important.

Are you moving yourself closer towards your Big Goal?
Are you taking those smaller steps towards achieving what you'd like to do?

Here's a way to break down your Big Goal:

1. Define what your Big Goal is and label that as the goal for the year.
2. Then, break down what could be done each month to reach that Big Goal.
3. Then, take those monthly goals and break them down even further into weekly goals.
4. You guessed it. Break those weekly goals down into daily goals.
5. Think I'm crazy? Break those daily goals down into hourly goals or minute goals.

Remember, every little step you take towards accomplishing your Big Goal and your dreams can launch you that much closer to it. I typed my Big Goal into my phone, as well as all the little things that needed to be done to achieve it. I set it up under my "Tasks" folder and checked them off as I went. You can do this on your phone too or use good old fashioned pen and paper. The key is to write things down somewhere you can see it often.

And at the end of 2012, if you keep taking those smaller steps towards it, you'll find yourself feeling refreshed and in awe that you accomplished so much more than you ever thought possible....all because you did what you could and bloomed where you were planted.

Take it from this level to the next...and the next...and the next...and the next...

And never give up!

I can't wait to hear all about what you're going to achieve in 2012!

: )


  1. Great post! You are so on point about writing things down. I started using Evernote a few months ago to get me organized . It syncs to my computer and phone and it has been life-changing!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed this post, Gabrielle! : ) I am curious to know what Evernote is--I've never heard of it.