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Saturday, September 17, 2011

{ Choosing a Photographer } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ Post Production }

Editing photos in post-production is a BIG part of what I do as a photographer. It take a person's photos and turns them into little pieces of art.

I love to pull out colors and contrasts so that you can "feel" textures in the scene. In this particular picture, I actually added a texture to the wall area to bring the roughness of it out even more.

I really believe that a good photographer will spend time with each photo to make sure that it's spot-on. It's what makes a professional photographer's pictures have that extra "pop" that you can't find at a local chain photo studio. It takes it from cookie cutter to personalized.

Here is the before of this photo:

And here is the "after", after it was edited in post-production with Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS4:

Sometimes people question why professional photographers charge more $$$ than local chain studios like JCPenny, Sears or Picture People do and it's because of the extra work that goes into turning pictures into artistic masterpieces. There is no right or wrong--clients can go to studios if they want...but if they want that extra something special, then they should visit a professional photographer and get a piece they can cherish for a lifetime. If they choose a professional photographer.......

It's a choice that is well worth it.

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