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Monday, July 11, 2011

{ The Princess Bride } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ The Princess Bride }

Many little girls grow up wanting to feel like a beautiful Princess on their wedding day. I'm sure a lot of us at some point in our childhood has put on our prettiest dress, strapped a pillowcase to our head and grabbed Grandma's silk flowers from the vase so we could stand in a mirror and admire our reflection as "the most beautiful princess bride ever." Some of you may have even twirled around, pretending like you were dancing with your handsome prince.

{ I sure did when I was a little girl! Only my "veil" was one of those netting things that pops open to cover food and keep the flies away. I did things a little differently as a child. Ahem. }

Whether we wore pillowcases, food covers or even toilet paper, we all wanted to feel like the beautiful Princess Bride who was swept off her feet.

But then life happens.

We all grow up at some point and either go to school, enter the career field or become stay at home Mommies. We enter the world of responsibility and it feels like those precious moments of longing for beauty are left behind when the playroom door closes.

But isn't there a little piece of that longful wishing in *all* of us that still wants to be the beautiful Princess in a story? Brides all over the world work for months to create a beautiful environment for the day they wed their heart's true love and will search until they find *the* perfect dress that makes them feel magical and beautiful....and very much like a Princess.

This special bride is looking forward to that magical feeling....and being the Disney fan that she is, she is going have a replica type Princess Aurora dress from her favorite movie "Sleeping Beauty" made into a beautiful wedding dress for her special day.

I got to be a part of her pre-dress fitting { the real dress will be adapted from this mock-up version that was made from a linen-y material. This is kind of the "test run" dress before the real one with real fabric is made } and watched as the designer worked like Flora { one of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty who made Princess Aurora's dress } and pushed pins here and gathered material there.

Arms had to be lifted. A pretend first dance had to happen to make sure that she could waltz with her prince at the reception.

With a little more pinning.....

...and a the finishing touch added to this beautiful bride's ensemble....

......that beautiful "Princess Bride" feeling began to take over and you could see it on her face that she did indeed feel like royalty.

As women, we *all* carry a little piece of nobility around in our hearts. We were more attuned to it as little girls, but it's still there, even when we get older. We deserve to be treated as precious and with love, gentleness and dignity.

Just like a Princess.

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