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Friday, July 29, 2011

{ The Eyes Have It } -- Mesa, AZ Photographer

{ I'm Convinced He Must Be Part Human }

I have never seen a dog with more expressive eyes than Roscoe. Sometimes I look at him and have to try and convince myself that he's NOT human.

I photograph him often because I love capturing the eyes on my subjects. Whether it be pets or people, there's something so stirring about eyes to me. When I was an art major in college, eyes were my favorite thing to draw because there's so much depth that's hidden there. There is a story in every person's eyes and you can see so much about a person when you look into them.

I find myself wondering:

"What has this person's eyes seen in his or her life?"

"Has it been good things?"

"Has it been bad?"

"Have these eyes filled with tears?"

"Have they lighted with joy?"

"What places around the world have these eyes seen?"

"Have they seen the birth of someone they love?"

"Have they looked into the eyes of another and seen love
 reflected back?"

"Do these eyes lower in shyness, flash in anger or twinkle with delight?"

"Do these pair of eyes see dreams unfolding or shrinking back?"

SO many questions.

SO many thoughts to ponder.

SO many stories in one pair of eyes.

Whether it be a puppy's eyes or a client's eyes.....I feel like I can best hear the story when I capture their eyes in my pictures.

People often say that the "eyes are the window to the soul" and I totally agree.
Each set of eyes, whether blue or brown, green or gray, black, hazel or violet....each tells it's own special narrative and each are like little pools that reflect the waters of emotion in a person's heart.

The joy of being a photographer is that I get to capture the reflection with my lens. It's kind of like looking into a mirror that's bounced off another mirror, that's bounced off another mirror:

The eyes reflect what the heart sees.

The camera lens reflects what the eyes see.

And the world reflects what my pictures see.


  1. Beautiful picture. He looks so contemplative. I always enjoy reading your blog and the way you share your perspective :-)

  2. Thank you Gina : ) I appreciate you saying that--and it means so much to me that you like reading this blog. Sometimes I wonder if anyone out there is reading it and it totally blesses my heart to know that you are! You sure made my night--thank you! :)!