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Friday, June 3, 2011

{ Encouragement to Live Your Dreams From Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kandee Johnson }

{ A Little Encouragement From Kandee Johnson }
Celebrity Makeup Artist

I love this youtube video from Kandee Johnson! This girl breathes the very breath from my heart! Following your dreams and goals is the very heartbeat of my life and I love encouraging others to follow theirs....and she does it so well! I'm still at the start of my journey, but she's totally been there and is living it in a big way! 

She's overcome so much to get to where she's at today and tells her story very candidly. She shares how she followed hard after her dream and became wildly successful because of her tenacity to keep following it, no matter what.

I hope that you do to.

{ Follow your dream. Follow your passion. }
{ Bless the world with the gifts that you've been given. }

Thank you for sharing your heart, Kandee!!

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