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Thursday, May 5, 2011

{ The Ultimate Women's EXPO 2011 } -- Editing Susan Lucci

{ Editing Susan Lucci }
Phoenix, AZ

Tonight I'm editing pictures from the Ultimate Women's EXPO that took place this weekend in Phoenix. I've come across pictures of keynote speaker, Susan Lucci, that I took for the event.....and I'm struck by how beautiful this woman is. Beautiful on the outside, yes, but beautiful on the inside too. I honestly had no idea who she was when I was asked to photograph her. But after this weekend, I've become a fan of hers because of the way that she treated those who were fawning over her. She took time to reach down off the of the stage and shake the hands of those reaching out to her and she did a book signing to meet those who had come to visit her. Some women in line to see her were so nervous they were shaking.

One woman turned to me, shaking like a leaf, and asked me, "What do I say to her? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I'm shaking." These women were besides themselves to meet someone I had only heard of by name.

Stepping back and surveying things though, I quickly realized just how very gracious of a person she is. Her "thank yous" to her fans seemed so genuine and real. I'm sure she's met adoring fans in several places and yet, she really seemed to be thankful for their support and encouragement.

I love that.

So, tonight as I edit pictures of her, even though I don't have the foggiest idea of who she is as an actress (I know now that she works a soap opera as I've been told) I'm finding myself becoming a quick fan of hers as a person. A real, true, genuine, honest person.

Kudos, Susan Lucci.
You've stolen the hearts of thousands and now you've made me a fan too. : )

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