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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pregnant Bellies Are Beautiful -- AZ Maternity Photo Shoot

{ Pregnant Bellies Are Beautiful }
Gilbert, AZ

There seems to be nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman's belly. It holds life inside it and it seems to be shouting out the word, "Anticipation!"

Mommies find themselves wondering who the little person inside of them is going to be and what their personality will be like. What their hair color and eye color will be. Whether they'll like this or that and what they'll be when they grow up.

Pregnant women have this beautiful glow about them--as if they carry the world's most secret and wonderful beauty secret. They shine from the inside out and there's a sparkle in their eyes.

Life is growing inside of them.

Another person.

It's such an overwhelming and amazing thought when you think about it!

I love when Mommies finally have their little ones and they get to meet face-to-face the one that they've been carrying inside them for all of those months!


  1. Beautiful images! Where did this session take place?

  2. Thank you Christie : ) It was taken at the Ripirian Preserve in Gilbert, AZ and at the client's home. : )

  3. PS: I now have a new blog link! : )

  4. Hi Alicia,I know it's kinda strange for a guy to be voicing an opinion on a subject like this,but I couldn't agree with you more in regards to the things you said about pregnancy and pregnant women!To me there's NOTHING MORE BEAUTIFUL on the face of this earth than a pregnant belly in full bloom!!!This blogpost is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and I THANK YOU for the TOUCHING images and words!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts @Todd Parker! I appreciate it! : ) Wow, I haven't visited this page in a long time. It's my old blog page from 4 years ago. You can find my newer blog at: