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Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ January 18th, 2011 -- 18/365 } -- Living On Starbucks

{ January 18th, 2011 }

I have been quite the tired chica lately. I work a full day of work during the daytime and then almost a full night of work during the night time each night after coming home.

I find myself living off of Starbucks sometimes...

...and loving it!


My newest favorite drink is a hot white chocoloate mocha with a squirt of toffee nut (no whipped cream).

I can see first hand how easy it is to become addicted to coffee!!

I love how the one side of my cup seemed to be calling me:


Almost like it was pointing a finger at me and saying, "YOU need a cup of coffee tonight. YOU look might tired. YOU need some Starbucks."

Yeah, I hear you Starbucks and I soo needed you tonight. Thank you for the temporary wake-me-up.

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