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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The { O } Princesses -- Child Photography

So, today I ventured out with my friend. We both needed a girl's day and her and I tag teamed to do an impromtu photo shoot of her two beautiful daughters. These girls were quite the divas throughout the day, sassing it up for the camera and pretening that they were glamorous 1940's Hollywood movie stars. I don't know who had more fun--the girls or us! : )

These are a sneak peek of pictures that I took from the shoot today.

This particular shot is one of my favorites, especially with the design around it. You will be seeing a lot more of this type of design with texturing and wording, with what I do with Beba Photography. The design and heart of the messages truly reflect my heart's passion and heart--if you were to open up my heart and look inside, this is what you would find:

I arrived to the location and Beth was there taking pictures of the girls. Kudos to her for finding such an awesome shooting location! : )

I'd met her girls once before and both are precious. They both have these unique personalities that make them special in their own way. One is a total Princess at heart and loves everything pink, glittery and with rhinestones (my hero!) and the other one is a horse riding champion and really seems to do everything with excellence (my other hero!).

Today though, it was all about being a DIVA! Both girls totally hammed it up for the camera! Bring on the silliness and sassiness!

I love (photo) shooting kids the most because they are so genuine and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They aren't afraid of being their own unique selves.
They just embrace who God made them to be and live life with abandon.

Life is a big open book in front of them and they are starting to write their life's story on it's blank pages. These girls are smart and are filling their stories with good things--values, integrity and purpose, even at such a tender, young age.

These girls teach us all to embrace life to its fullest, love the little moments and never take more than one day at a time--enjoy each and every step of the way! : )

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