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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Begging is a Bad Habit to Break

Oh Roscoe....

Our little guy has developed some habits that are difficult for a little puppy to break. One of those bad habits is begging at the table for food.

Today we had some pizza from Costco and no sooner did we have it on the table than he jumped up and started whining for some.
Of course, we told him to get down, which he did for a little while. But pretty soon, we started to see a little pair of ears and puppy nose peek out over the edge of the table, seeing if we had somehow forgotten about reprimanding him.
Pretty soon, he was REALLY putting on a show for us--pushing our sides with his little paws and whining. He even started to howl a little bit! Oh boy, we have a big (and so adorably cute!) problem on our hands!
The biggest challenge with Roscoe is telling him no. Of course, we do and we're teaching him, day by day what the proper way is to behave. But wow, with an adorable face like his, it's sometimes hard to do! Sometimes it seems like he has us wrapped around that little sweet paw of his. My heart melts with all of his silly, quirky little puppy ways. Sure makes me laugh!

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