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Friday, March 27, 2009

I visited the Huntington Library and Museum in San Marino, California, with my friend April and her friend, Sarah last week. We had a wonderful time, walking around the different gardens and eating lunch outside the cafe in a garden-like setting with trees all around us.

While April and Sarah sat in to listen to a women's seminar, I snuck away for awhile (tsk tsk) to capture some flowers that had caught my eye on our walk away from the cafe. I'd never taken nature photography before, so I wasn't sure how they would come out.

There is some kind of beauty in neature that is innate--inborn, deep within itself that makes you want to look at it and study all of its intricacies. God is such an amazing artist and each of His flowers is a wonder to look at. Finding these flowers and nature pieces was almost like finding little treasures along my way, throughout the day...but I had to stop and really look at each one to fully enjoy their beauty. That cliche phrase, "Stop and smell the roses" is good advice....because, when you do, you see all the lovely details in them and can appreciate them.

I will post more nature pics from the Huntington soon! : )

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